NOVA-INOX MOSCIANO CLARE 4-4 – The draw is convenient especially to the Abruzzi of Nova Steel, quartultimi with 13 points, along with the CDM Vallefoglia.

In 2018, they were 43,537 across the line representing 189 countries (Olympic committees are 206, we are close …). It is unclear whether the event traditionally scheduled in early spring will stock and barrel to the Olympic summer. Certainly, when the organizational details will be known, will start a race to the bib around the world.

But it will be curious to see what the bet of the organizers of Paris in 2024 will change the balance of power with large international marathons in the world, now capable of prize pool stages and can even rival the dream of an Olympic gold medal. VIRTUAL SKIPPER – The comparison samples-amateurs, which in the marathon will take place in a few hours away, might recur in virtual terms, with formulas still to be defined, in other sports.

For example, in the sail, where the goal is to connect 500 thousand „virtual skipper“ able to compete with the best in the world engaged in the waters of Marseille, a giant race of „e-sailing“ to be invented. And even in cycling and rowing you are studying such a solution, multiplying the Olympic opportunities around the world. Time will tell. Indeed, he will participate.

Valerio Piccioni  @ vaprap

March 27, 2019 – Milan The normal operation officially began yesterday morning, around noon. Mauro Icardi has again set foot in the field along with the rest of his companions, putting an end to the long Cold War with Inter. Nearly a month and a half after being degraded, Icardi has returned to work in groups: first gym, then finally the lawn in Appiano, to regain confidence with the ball and more.

It does nothing if the resumption of training Luciano Spalletti at the disposal group was heavily decimated because of national commitments. What mattered was take the first step toward the peaceful, in search of normality, in fact. Because now there is no time to lose and everyone will have to keep well clear head the common goal that leads to qualification for the next Champions League.

Inter: Icardi to work with peers in Appiano Gentile Brozo and zhang – was needed to take another step after those timid rapprochement last week, which is the former captain was useful to re-enter slowly into the locker room waiting for a comparison with all actual and waiting for the day of truth, Marcelo Brozovic wanted to strive – virtually – a hand at number nine Argentine, putting a „like“ the post of Sky Sports which announced in last hour return to work with the Icardi group. The team must always think first of the common good, and for the common good that clearly yesterday Zhang also was present for training at Appiano Gentile together all’a.d.

Sports Beppe Marotta and D.S. Piero Aid. And the presence of Zhang can also be read as a further sign of attention towards the reintegration of Icardi path in search of normality. READ THE FULL ARTICLE ON JOURNAL OUT NOW TODAY Vincenzo D’Angelo © Reproduction reserved write your comment 0      

February 23, 2019 – Milan Utensiltecnica CVM The CVM Utensiltecnica confirms its leadership in the first round of Serie A, having liquidated the High Verbano 6-2, while the „queen“ of the second grouping is always the MP Filters Caccialanza, who drew against the Nicolis Museum Villafranca Vigasio. The surprising victory of the now relegated Martano, victorious against dell’A.P.E.R. Capocavallo.

BOVILLE-Capitino 5-3 – The Lazio derby is the prerogative of Boville that after the meeting drew the first leg, has learned its lesson. The Romans make a difference in the three individual and close their accounts in the second half, thanks to the Palma-Facciolo couple. Boville grabs second place, overtaking Fashion Cattel in the standings.

Capitino however, in quicksand, it remains in the penultimate position. CVM UTENSILTECNICA-ALTO VERBANO 6-2 – A CVM cynical and ruthless leaves no way the High Verbano, third last. The leaders win and convincing: after losing the set of the triad, the Romagna show the muscles in the individual meetings, then gearing fourth in the shot. The draw of Fashion Cattel allows Rimini to stretch, leading the standings with three points advantage over the Boville.

MARTANO-A.P.E.R. CAPOCAVALLO 5-3 – The great heart of Martano: Puglia, they do not yet resigned to relegation, win the first three points in the league against the running at A.P.E.R. Capocavallo (the Perugia had not lost since last November 17).

First time balanced (2-2) to give the first seasonal joy shall Food and De Pope, in the second half. THE JOURNAL VIDEO TV MONTEGRANARO-FASHION cattel 4-4 – Montegranaro not give up, fight and eventually wins a point against a strong Fashion Cattel. Under 3-1 at the end of the first half, the Treviso wake up in the second half, managing to revive a game started badly.

For Marche (quartultimi) it is a point that is moral, while the Venetians this is a missed opportunity: he took advantage of the Boville, now second. CAGLIARI termosolar-CDM Vallefoglia 5-3 – The Termosolar regains second place: the expense is the CDM Vallefoglia, undergoing the third k.o. seasonal. The talent of Mereu and Frongia young (the latter beat the expert Patregnani in the individual) along with their companions allows Sardinians to get three valuable points.

Determinants, in the second half, the successes of Brucciani-Mereu couple. E. MILLO-Fontespina 7-1 – Victory scacciacrisi for Enrico Millo, which exceeds the Fontespina in the match to avoid relegation. The situation remains poised for both teams, to share penultimate 11.

Match virtually no history ahead 3-1 after the first half, the bells are clearly imposed in the second, winning four set over four. MP FILTERS CACCIALANZA – MUSEUM NICOLIS VIGASIO-VILLAFRANCA 4-4 – Meneghini in Verona and aim to not get hurt. The point at the end, both satisfied: the MP Filters still retains a considerable advantage on the second (Cagliari), while the Nicolis Museum remains in the race for the play-offs.

1xbet registration On March 9, the Caccialanza play in Colbordolo, while Villafranca Vigasio-host the Nova Inox. NOVA-INOX MOSCIANO CLARE 4-4 – The draw is convenient especially to the Abruzzi of Nova Steel, quartultimi with 13 points, along with the CDM Vallefoglia. The Santa Chiara is still dry victories: the bells are in fact the only team not to have even won a match. And in the next round will be derby: D’Alterio and friends await the Millo in a match that promises to be fascinating.

Gianluca Formigone of Caccialanza Series A (Day 10) Round 1: vs. Boville Capitino 5-3 (54-36) CVM Utensiltecnica vs Alto Verbano-Va 6-2 (58-38) vs. Martano A.P.E.R.

Capocavallo 5-3 (49-35) Montegranaro vs Fashion Cattel 4-4 (44-50). Ranking: CVM Utensiltecnica 22, 19 Boville, Fashion Cattel 18, A.P.E.R. Capocavallo 16, Montegranaro 13, Alto Verbano-Va 12, Capitino 10, Martano 3 Group 2 vs Cagliari Termosolar CDM Vallefoglia 5-3 (49-42) E. Millo vs Fontespina 7-1 (59-34) MP Filters Caccialanza vs Museum Nicolis Villafranca Vigasio-4-4 (51-42) Nova Inox Mosciano vs Santa Clara 4-4 (48-51) ranking: MP filters Caccialanza 24, Cagliari Termosolar 16, Nicolis Museum Villafranca Vigasio-15 CDM Vallefoglia 13, Nova Inox 13, 11 E. Millo, Fontespina 11, Santa Chiara 5 Francesco Servadio

March 23, 2019 – Udine The c.t. blue Roberto Mancini, 54, talks to the team in Coverciano GETTY not wake up from the dream, Italy. Do not delete the illusion of having found a team that if the new games on par with the great. The fear was to have fallen from grace, after developing an inferiority complex for the World Cup lost the presumption of Madrid, in the cold of Stockholm and disorganization in the San Siro.

Total Reconstruction: the task of Mancini was terrible and no one could ask for everything at once. But how can we deny that Ukraine, Poland, Portugal and the United States, the latest releases, have deceived us? From almost relegation to League Nations, nearly passed to the „final four“, always in search of the beautiful game, the quick possession of the young to be inserted without fear. Four consecutive games, one more beautiful, not one. Now the risk is the euphoria.

Possible this is Italy? Finland does not give definitive answers, but starting with the launch of Kean, right holder at 19, the signal is clear. At Stadium: Dacia Arena hosts the final European Under 21.

So is reborn from the ashes of the old Friuli GOAL ROMA 2020 – Now, however, it is the moment of truth.

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